Color Battle - TARC

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Description Exciting battles of colored creatures according to the rules of the "Battle Royale". There will only be one left!!! There are three colored races of players. The Reds devour the yellows, the yellows devour the greens, the greens are death to the Reds. By defeating an opponent, the player accepts his race, his color, and his philosophy. And now his former comrades – in-arms are his worst enemies. Beware of a stab in the back! The color change bonus is the salvation, don't miss it. Инструкция: You control a hero of one of the three colors. You can absorb players of the color of your trunk. But you need to be wary of those players whose color matches the color of your body. The last player left on the map wins.

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English, Russian
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2020. g. 26. maijs
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