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The game has three game modes: regular, compete and timer. For compete and timer modes, there is a leaderboard for authorized users. The new version has an indicator of misses (with 5 misses, a new row of bubbles appears), as well as many bonuses that help in the game. Play, set records and compete with each other!

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You are given a field with bubbles of different colors. You can shoot them with your bubbles. If you manage to get into a group of more than three bubbles of the same color, they will burst. Your goal is to get rid of all the bubbles. Don't waste bubbles just like that. If after several shots (5 misses) you do not burst a single bubbles, then their total number on the field will increase. PC controls: clicks and mouse movements. Control on mobile: touch on the screen.

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English, Russian
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2020. g. 22. aug.
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