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In this side-scrolling game, you have to control a unicorn flying through outer space. The game is quite simple at the beginning, but the further you fly, the higher the speed. Space has no limits, nor does your speed. How far can you fly? The colorful graphics is optimized even for weak mobile devices.

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The direction of flight is controlled by moving the mouse (or finger on a mobile phone) up and down. In order to maintain your flight speed, you need to collect stars. The more stars are collected, the higher the difficulty of the game: the number of stars on the way decreases, and the speed increases. Dodge asteroids. Bubbles, if you have any, protect you from collisions with asteroids. On the way, in addition to stars and asteroids, you can meet: - bubbles - protect you from asteroids; - magnets - attract stars for a few seconds; - donuts - increase flight speed for a few seconds and repel asteroids.

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2021. g. 26. nov.
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