Stupid Zombies 2

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The undead returns in this new, jam-packed release of Stupid Zombies 2. Select a hero and unleash your bullets at brainless zombies. They say you can’t kill what is already dead, but it can't hurt to do more damage. Features: - Multiple levels with multiple chapters - Innovative ricochet based gameplay - Cool game physics - Zombie Halloween theme Fans of puzzle shooters will love this game. Stupid Zombies 2 is a puzzle shooter game wherein you need to clear out each level from the zombie infestation. Choose between two heroes and try to escape from the zombie lab and go to other locations. Each location has several levels to complete. Solve each level by bouncing bullets from walls or platforms to eliminate zombies. Using your mouse or touchscreen, calculate angles and bounces to create effective trajectories. The game ends when you run out of bullets. Make every shot count.

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Russian, English
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2020. g. 25. sept.
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