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Don't worry! The hunter will not do anything bad to the frogs! He's a fellow Photo Hunter. The hunter just wants to test his mathematical theories. When he comes to the field next to a sitting frog, it gets scared and jumps on a nearby water lily, while other frogs get scared, and also jump and scare others... The hunter wants to create a manageability to this chaos of fright. He set a task - all the frogs of the swamp should be on certain fields at the same time. And then his mathematical self-esteem will grow.. Yes, and fitness will not hurt frogs:) The hunter can make a move on one field up, down, left, right, provided that the field is there and it is not occupied. Frogs sit on the leaves of water lilies and look in different directions of the world. If the frog is frightened, it will jump on the next water lily, if the water lily is free in the direction of its gaze, it will jump there. If not, take turns checking the free water lilies clockwise and jump to the first free one. If there are no options, it remains in place.

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2020. g. 29. sept.
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