Rabbit Samurai 2 - super ninja ball - Максим Елисеенко

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Rabbit Samurai it's a kung fu ninja with the red mask who trained by the best sensei mouse. Little bumblebees and bees are flew away from home and now the rabbit boy is on fire to save them! Help the bear to find each bee. Every level has 3 bees to find and 50 carrots to collect. Fly and roll like a ball inside the forest to collect carrots, use your grappling hook to stick to walls like spider. Avoid dangerous spikes. Find secret all hidden blue water crystal gems. Jump around on the bouce pads and fire from cannons. Fly like angry bird and to get carrots. If you like 2d platform games like super mario bros, sonic or om nom, this game will be good for you! Every boy or girl will like this cute rabbit. Open extra hats to dress up the rabbit. Touch around the bunny to shot with the rope hook. Release touch to cut the rope and roll free on the ground. Welcome boys and girls to the rabbit samurai wold!

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