Colored Puzzle - Это Удобно

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Tsvetnashki - it's like "Tag", only you need to collect not numbers, but colored shapes. The goal of the game is to collect the puzzle pattern. The less time is spent on collecting the puzzle, the higher the result will be in the history table. Only one free field is available for moving shapes. The shape can only be moved in the direction of the free field. The game has several modes that differ in the number of different colors of the shapes and the size of the puzzle grid. With an increase in the number of colors and the size of the grid - the complexity of the game increases. You can always view the sample by clicking the button at the bottom left. Go to the main menu-the button at the bottom right. The results of the game are saved in the history table. The game allows you to develop your memory and logical thinking. Do you have a minute to spare? Dedicate it to the game. Train your brain.

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English, Russian
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2021. g. 15. febr.
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