Sails of Luck - АВ Геймс

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Raise the sails and full speed ahead, the pirates' treasures await us. Do you want with us? Then quickly launch the game and go! You have to go through challenging missions, find everything hidden on the treasure map, fight other players in tournaments, and much more! Features of the game: - Tournaments - Teams - Chat - Team missions - Treasure map - Daily tasks - Various games and bonuses - Ratings - Tournament schedule and much more. Are you passionate and hungry for adventure ?! Then you are with us! Forward!

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In the game you can compete with other players in tournament competitions. Participation in tournaments is available to all players from level 3. In order to take part in the tournament, just select any slot machine and press the "Play" button. You will automatically register for a new tournament or continue to participate in an already running one. Many tournaments can take place in the game at the same time. The duration of the tournaments may vary. Your task, during the tournament, is to score as many tournament points as possible. Tournament points are awarded for each of your winnings in any slot machine. For 10 won gold pieces you get 1 tournament point. The minimum winning amount is 10 gold. The more participants are recruited to the tournament, the more prizes become in the tournament. Prize places are determined dynamically in the process of increasing the number of participants.

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English, Russian
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2021. g. 22. apr.
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