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Kanyon Karver is an endless, inspiring adventure that captures the elation of snowboarding in the wild mountains. Ride along randomly generated tracks. Master the board control, based on real physics. Perform tricks, smash snowmen and become one with the Great Spirit of the Mountains! Features: • Programmaticaly generated random tracks. • Board control system based on real-world physics. • Dynamically changing track complexity and weather effects. • Portrait orientation, can be played with one hand. Supports right- and left-handed control. • Sessions stored locally: quit and continue from the last point any time. • Compete with players around the world!

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The main goal of the game is to ride as far and collect as much points as possible. Points are gained by smashing the Snowmen, jumping off ramps and rotations. When rinding at speed above average you grow your Spiritual Circle, which boosts the points you get. At the second level of the Spiritual Circle, tricks are automatically performed. By smashing the Snowmen, you can awake the Great Spirit of the Mountains and cause an Avalanche, from which you need to escape. At the same time, your Spiritual Circle grows to one more level. Over time, the difficulty of the track and the strength of the weather effects (snow and fog) begins to increase. To reduce the difficulty, you need to get the second or third level of the Spiritual Circle and light the dots on it by performing rotations. This will allow you to ride further. The game begins with a tutorial act that will allow you to get better acquainted with the mechanics of the game.

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English, Russian
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2021. g. 14. apr.
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