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Minecraft Shooter: Creepers is a shooter game, in other words, a shooter, war. What if the main character of Minecraft had a firearm? In this game you have a chance to see the embodiment of such an idea in life, because Steve is armed with a real AK-47 assault rifle. With this weapon, he will face off against crowds of creepers. As you know, Creepers approach their target and if they are at a sufficiently close distance, then they explode and cause damage to their opponent. Therefore, your task is not to let the Creeper close to you and to blow it up before he can get close to you, you can do this by hitting him several times from a machine gun. Destroy waves of opponents and try to set the maximum record! Control: WASD - walk Left Mouse Button - shoot Right mouse button (or spacebar) - throw a bomb

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Russian, English
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2021. g. 21. apr.
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