Torpedo attack

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Goal of the game: Destroy as many enemy ships as possible by firing torpedoes and controlling the submarine's periscope. Difficulty levels, language, sound: The game will start after selecting the difficulty level: Lieutenant-the easiest level, Captain-medium, Admiral-a more difficult level. Also in the main menu, you can disable or enable sound effects and select the interface language.

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Control: Use the "Right" and "Left" arrow keys on your computer keyboard or the touch screen of your smartphone and the buttons on the screen to control the submarine's periscope and the direction of the torpedo shot. There are only 30 torpedoes, but you can increase their number by 15 if you view the ad in the main menu by clicking "+ 15 torpedoes for advertising". To shoot, press the keyboard key "Space" or the red button with the image of a torpedo. To sink the cruiser, you need 3 torpedo hits. To destroy a light cruiser, you need 2 torpedo hits. A missile boat or submarine can be sunk by 1 torpedo.

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Russian, English
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2021. g. 20. apr.
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