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Welcome to the game Time of Tanks: Battlefield. Destroy all the enemy tanks to get the highest score! Make your way through the world of the game Time of Tanks: Battlefield to become a master and overcome many unique situations! Free game for the whole family! Play the exciting game Time of Tanks: Battlefield for free on any device and get a lot of fun and fun. What are you waiting for? Features: ● Colorful 2D graphics ● Interesting gameplay ● For mobile devices and computers! ● Addictive gameplay Time of Tanks: Battlefield - it's tons of fun, lots of challenging and interesting situations with unique and unexpected combinations! ● Try to become a master and beat your best highscore! The game is similar to: ● Worlds of Tanks ● War Thunder ● Worlds of Tanks Blitz ● Armata Project ● Other arcade and shooting games The whole game is completely free!

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On your mobile device, click on the buttons that are indicated on the screen! On the computer, you can control by pressing the WASD buttons or arrows, and you can aim and shoot with the mouse!

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Russian, English
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2021. g. 30. apr.
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