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Meet the colorful and fun match 3 game - start your exciting journey together with Gemmy the squirrel! 🌍 TRAVEL 🌍 One day, waking up, the inhabitants of the forest found that at night someone has destroyed the entire forest edge and now it is in desolation. But what's even worse - the brother of Gemmy the squirrel, Johnny, has disappeared. Help a small but brave squirrel to find her brother! 🌟 EXPLORE AND DECORATE 🌟 To restore the destroyed edge and the forest world, you need to clear the territory, re-erect all the buildings and decorations and explore them. Complete the Match-3 levels and earn coins for construction. Buy new decorations in the store for coins and increase the reputation of the world! 💚 ENJOY 💚 Complete colorful levels and achieve your goals. As the gameplay progresses, various boosters will become available to you, which will help you pass the levels faster. Pump them up using coins and use more powerful boosters on difficult levels.

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Complete match 3 levels and take part in events to help the squirrel and woodland creatures go on an exciting adventure! Combine pieces on the field or blow up boosters to collect all the goals and complete the level! If you run out of moves, you will have to go through the level again. Passing the levels you will be able to progress through the plot and discover new worlds! Choose decorations in the shop and decorate the worlds to your liking!

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Russian, English
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2021. g. 21. jūn.
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