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Destroy various buildings on small pieces, use a different weapon! Available weapons and its properties that can be changed: - Ball: Mass, strength shot and size. - Rocket: speed, acceleration, size (explosion power). - C-4 bomb: speed, explosion force, delay between explosions. - Earthquake: power, duration, number of impetus. - The mannequin can fall apart. It has masses and push power settings. Peculiarities: - The construction regime of buildings. You can build your building and destroy it. - Many different buildings and blocks. - Slow and acceleration of time. - gravity management. - Excellent performance for weak devices. Dynamic adjustment of the degree of destruction of blocks (four levels of destruction). With this setting, you can significantly improve the performance of the game.

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Destroy and build your buildings, open new weapons. Control: Camera rotation: W A S D or arrows Camera Zoom: + - Aiming: Mouse Shot: Left Mouse Button

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