Orbital Invaders: Space shooter - Shaggy Dwarf

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Become a spaceship pilot and defend orbit. Orbital Invaders is a Sci-Fi arcade game where the skill to react the situation and predict attack of enemies determine the outcome of battles. Shoot them all. Unique enemies, asteroid, spaceships, mines, missiles, space worms and bosses. Fantastic space battle. In this Shoot 'em up game you will fly around different planets, defend orbit, destroy asteroids, spaceships, bosses and other enemies. Winning for someone who won 't miss a single goal. Upgrade weapons, use bombs and booster in critical situations. There are three lives in reserve, weapons like laser or plasma, three atomic bombs and acceleration for emergency cases. Collect points and get extra life. There are multiple worlds to unlock, option to switch between a laser and plasma gun, using bombs and escape with high speed power up when needed. Use keyboard, mouse or gamepad to play.

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Use keyboard (WASD), mouse or gamepad to control spaceship. Use mouse or gamepad to control the gun.

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English, Russian
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2021. g. 23. jūl.
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