Shortcut Run

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Shortcut Run combines ideas from many casual games. Outrun your opponent by collecting boards along the way and building shortcuts to win the race. As you build shortcuts, you're going to start running faster. The longer the shortcut, the more speed you will gain as you run over it. When you run out of boards, you will jump forward. This final jump covers a decent distance but it’s best not to rely on it unless absolutely necessary. It is definitely a last resort. When another player has built a shortcut, you can use it yourself too. You won’t get the speed boost that you would get from your own shortcut but you’ll still be able to cut chunks of the track. Now let's run!

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Players control their characters with their fingers. Race against opponents and collect all the boards you can along the way. Build shortcuts with your boards to benefit from a speed boost and reach the finishing line sooner. Players can also run over the shortcuts built by their opponents Do not fall into the water or you will lose. Outrun your opponents and reach the finishing line first. Can you do it?

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2021. g. 25. nov.
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