Spidey Swing

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Features: - Interactive guide. - Control by touch, keyboard, or mouse. - Urban theme with skyscrapers. - Update: more than 48 levels of increased difficulty. Discover Spider-Man! - Blood and violence (can be disabled on request) Reach the end of the level, avoiding tricky obstacles with the help of sticky cobwebs. Avoid obstacles and use as many cobwebs as possible. For this you will get 3 stars. You can use your mouse, keyboard, or touch screen to help Spider-Man reach the finish line. Tap the screen or press the space bar to release a new thread or release the one you're holding on to. Swipe left or right, or use the left/right arrow keys to swing from side to side. Swipe up or down, or use the up/down arrow keys to go up or down the web.

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2019. g. 14. marts
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