Arty Mouse Colouring Book

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Open this coloring book and let your imagination run wild! We are pleased to present you an electronic coloring book Arty Mouse & Friends, created for children, parents and preschoolers. Features: - A lot of templates for coloring. - Brushes of different colors and sizes. - Eraser. - The ability to save your work (useful if you want to print images). - Funny characters from the Arty Mouse universe, including Squiggle the dog, Streak the Cat, Spot the Bear, Rainbow Birds and Spiro the snail. - A cheerful theme for a good mood while drawing. Color the templates, guided only by your own imagination. Click on the shape to start coloring. Do not worry that you will go beyond the borders of the element: the colors will remain within the shape that you are coloring. Click the plus and minus signs on the right to select the appropriate brush size. Select any color from the palette below the drawing. You can also use different shades to create unusual effects.

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