Old Macdonald Farm Adventure

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Let the kids play on old Man MacDonald's farm. Here you can move a cow from lawn to lawn, throw a sheep on the roof, play with a pig in a puddle, a horse in a stall and a chicken in the bushes, and chat with the farmer. There are no goals in this game. Let your child let his imagination run wild. Features: - Change of day and night. Old MacDonald must have a rest! - A funny theme that will appeal to children - Bright graphics and friendly animals - An innovative free form of play that promotes the development of the child - Drag-and-drop gameplay Explore farm life with cute animals. Your task is to have fun and learn more about the animals on the farm. Wander around the farm, tap on animals and objects to select them, and transport them to new locations. Switch between day and night using the icons in the upper-right corner. See what happens on the farm at night.

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2019. g. 14. marts
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