Dumb Ways Jr Zany's Hospital

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The creators of the iconic game Dumb Ways To Die, which has more than 300 million downloads on Google Play and the Apple App Store, present an exciting spin-off: Dumb Ways JR Zany's Hospital. Explore three locations: a waiting room full of surprises, a doctor's office, and an ambulance with characters from the original game Dumb Ways To Die! The game is ideal for fans of learning by doing. Features: - Boffo, Loopy, Madcap and Dumbell awaiting inspection - Listen to each character's heartbeat or measure their blood pressure - Tap on a character to learn about their character! - Get ready for fun surprises - Three original characters from Dumb Ways! Visit the Dumb Ways Hospital with Dr. Zani. The characters of Dumb Ways are full of surprises! Play with the characters, tap on them and move them. Drag the characters to the doctor's office for an examination. What will you find?

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2019. g. 14. marts
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