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With jewel-like precision, park your car in the perfect spot. Be careful! Don't crash into other cars or street objects. Fasten your seat belt and start the engine! The game will appeal to fans of games in the genre of parking frenzy. Features: - Interactive guide - Beautiful parking lots - Three-star accuracy reward system - More than 50 tasks and tricks when parking - Control using the keyboard (for computer) and gestures (for mobile devices) - Lots of cool cars Carefully park the cars in the free parking spaces with the available controls. To complete the level, park all the cars without accidents. With each collision, you lose stars. When the stars run out, you lose. Carefully measure the distance between the cars so as not to accidentally crash. Try to move smoothly and carefully. You can take your time. There is no time limit in the game.

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2019. g. 14. marts
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