Color Pipes

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To complete a level, connect the colors and draw a pipeline across the entire playing field. If the pipes intersect or run on top of each other, they break. Features: - Clear, minimalistic design, allowing you to focus entirely on the gameplay. - More than 120 exciting levels. - Ability to cancel a move. - Access any level at any time! - Fun theme and music. Connect the circles of the same color in Color Pipes. Your goal is to completely fill the playing field with colored pipes, without allowing them to intersect. If you manage to complete the level with the least possible number of moves, you will earn 3 stars. Try to complete all the levels as quickly as possible. In case of an error, press the cancel move button. If you are playing on a mobile device, tap and hold the colored circle to hold the trumpet. After connecting the pipe to the circle, release it. If you are playing on a computer, tap and hold the colored circle with the mouse cursor to draw the pipe.

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