Flip the Knife

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Swipe up to throw the knife in the air. If the knife lands correctly, you will get 3 stars. The longer the throws are crowned with a successful landing, the higher your score. Throw the knife over tables, chairs, pots and pans, bottles, scales, and other kitchen utensils. Oh, by the way! You will try to prevent the annoying bird. Features: - Easy to understand, but hard to get the hang of. - The further away, the more difficult it is - The ability to add new items to your knife collection, from machetes to medieval daggers. We have everything. - Endless gameplay Toss the knife in the air so that it lands safely. Your points depend on the landing. But if the bottle falls, you will lose a life. Be careful! Soon there will be new items on the table. To flip the bottle, tap and swipe up anywhere on the screen. The longer the gesture, the stronger the roll. You can also use the mouse by tapping and swiping up anywhere on the screen.

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