Clash of Vikings

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The enemy Viking kingdom is ready for battle. You have three minutes to defeat the enemy. Choose the right cards and place your warriors on the battlefield. To win, smash your opponent! Use different combinations of card decks and strategies to defeat the enemy. Features: - Different cards to choose from: warriors, heroes, and spells. - Discover a talented warlord and choose the right cards. - Form a deck before each battle - Interactive guide with basic rules. You will learn advanced tactics and strategies. - A cunning AI-based enemy. Those who are warned are armed. - A fun and upbeat theme with Vikings Destroy the enemy stronghold by summoning your warriors to the battlefield and using spells. Before you move into battle, form a deck. Before summoning your subjects, wait for their elixir of life to fill up. To send a warrior to the battlefield, pull out the corresponding card. Click and drag it with your mouse or gestures.

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