Nom Nom Yum

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A formidable sushi monster named Yum-Yum has arrived on Earth. And he really wants to taste delicious rolls. You work in a Japanese restaurant. Your task is to saturate Yum-Yum. Collect 3 stars in each level to get the maximum score. Features: - Calm theme in a sushi restaurant - Story-based animation - Exciting rope movement mechanics - More than 25 challenging levels - Interactive guide Cut the rope to feed Yum-Yum. Use technical tricks to send the roll straight into the mouth of Yum-Yum. To collect stars and get extra points, try to hit the star with a roll. To cut the rope, swipe it with your finger or mouse cursor. Tap on the bubbles to make them burst. Think carefully about your move. Be careful! If you cut the rope incorrectly, the roll can fly away from Yum-Yum.

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2019. g. 5. marts
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