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Get ready to fight! Hit and smash your opponents! Become a champion! Knock out your opponent and throw him out of the ring! And what about a spectacular trick? Climb on the rope, calculate the time and fall on the opponent! Collect coins to level up your favorite wrestler. Features: - Simple operation. The simpler, the more fun! Start waving your arms and legs right now! - A fun theme inspired by wrestling - Smart and not very computer opponents. Just like on TV! - Fight, collect coins, upgrade your character and return to the ring! Long hours of fun await you. - Fill up the rage counter for Furious Attacks. Choose a fighter and try to stay in the ring as long as possible. Fill up the RAGE counter to smash enemies right and left, dealing huge damage. Defeat the enemy, earn coins and use them to upgrade your wrestler! To move, use gestures or the mouse. To shoot, tap the screen or click the mouse button. Tap on a defeated enemy to throw them out of the ring. Tap on the corner of the ring to climb the fence, and then tap again to jump.

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