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A single Hedgehog is capable of turning a desolate and abandoned household on plot of land into a bustling and flourishing farm. Only a few of us, people, are aware of the fact that Hedgies are great cooks, fishermen, craftsmen and last, but not the least, fabulously hospitable types! Come and see for yourself, plunge into ‘Hedgies’ game and contribute to the beautification of the Valley.

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Grow fruits and vegetables, study new recipes, get acquainted with your neighbours and help friends out. Become a fishing enthusiast and a party king. Hold feasts and invite other Hedgies to celebrate various events. Demonstrate your skill and show who’s the best tailor of all! Participate in the ‘Battle of Tailors’, where Hedgies compete against each other for a chance to win a cute super hat! Decorate your garden as you please! Make Hedgy’s Farm a cosy corner to spend time with friends and other guests! Come on, jump into the game! Other Hedgies can’t wait to meet you!

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