Candy Jam

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Your task in the game Candy Jam is to collect as many sweets as possible as quickly as possible. To complete the level, collect the necessary sweets before the time runs out! How far will you be able to go? Features: - Hours of fun playing the game - Best score - Candy bombs. They will come to the rescue if you are at a dead end! - Delicious graphics - Fun theme and audio sequence Make a row of 3 or more identical sweets to collect the required number of candies. If you get stuck, use the bombs to clear the space. Collect the necessary sweets while there is time. Otherwise, you will lose! Click on the candy and move it with a gesture or mouse to swap it with the next one. Tap on the bomb to make it explode. When there are no available moves, and there is no bomb on the field, the game automatically shuffles the sweets.

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