Agent Curiosa Rogue Robots

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Robots have rebelled against humanity! Now the young hacker Agent Curios must save the world. Arm yourself with a homemade shocker and fry the evil robots! Features: - More than 30 challenging levels. You will have to fight with a wide variety of robots. - Fearsome boss drones. - Bonus points, extra lives, invisibility, and increased score. - Interactive guide. - A futuristic theme that will appeal to both children and teenagers. To complete the level, neutralize all the enemies on the screen. Wait for their shields to drop, and then use the shocker. Don't yawn, or the robots will get you first! Neutralize your enemies before they launch an attack! Click on the bonuses — they will help you reach the end of the level. Invisibility and first aid kits will help you defeat your enemies. Collect the bonus points that fall out to get 3 stars for each level.

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2019. g. 30. maijs