Megacity Hop

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Features: - Simple and intuitive operation. Tap to move forward, swipe left or right to move horizontally - Collect coins to gain access to new characters - Play as characters such as businessman, fashion DJ, business lady, police officer and sheriff - Endless game play due to constantly generated terrain -If you like crossy type games, this is the game for you. - Fun 3D theme Avoid cars and land on moving platforms to survive on the busy streets of the metropolis. The game ends as soon as the rabbit is hit by a car. Use the arrow keys or swipe the screen to move. Each step forward earns you one point. Try to go as far as possible and score as many points as possible. And don't forget that you can't go back. Collect coins to gain access to new characters. Play as a businessman, DJ, and many others.

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2019. g. 30. maijs