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Double and triple bonuses and the jackpot multiply your winnings. Did you run out of attempts? If you're lucky, you might get another FREE try. Beware of bankruptcy! Features: - Simple gameplay, perfect for instant lotteries and carnivals - The ability to increase the probability of winning. When your chances of winning more valuable prizes increase, the wheel starts to glow. - A cheerful festive atmosphere. Your visitors will start tapping their heels to the rhythm - Spectacular theme and animation Try your luck on this fast roulette game. Let's see what winnings you can take with you! To rotate the wheel, press the "Rotate" button. You have 5 attempts. Try to earn as many points as possible. If you get double or triple bonuses, as well as the jackpot, your winnings are multiplied. Tap on the speed up icon to increase the chance of hitting the jackpot. Use it wisely to increase your winnings.

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2019. g. 30. maijs
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