Eggs Brick Breaker

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Break the bricks with the ball. Use the platform-racket to hit the ball and prevent it from falling down. Features: - Randomly generated levels. - Cool power-ups like an extended platform, extra lives, double guns, and triple steel balls! - Pixel art in a new interpretation for a modern audience. - Stylish minimalistic design, perfect for the game of the XXI century. Fans of Arkanoid and Breakout games will be thrilled with this retro arcade game. Move the platform to hit the ball. Aim the ball at the bricks to break them. Bricks are a hard material. They may not give in the first time. To make it easier to complete the level, collect temporary bonuses, such as extra balls, an extension for the platform, and even an anti-brick gun. The controls are simple. If you are playing on a mobile device, move the platform using gestures. If you are playing on a computer, use the left/right arrow keys to move the platform.

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2019. g. 30. maijs
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