Banana Running

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You will play as Mr. Banana, a funny guy and the owner of a unique voice. Your wife, Mrs. Banana, is missing. Your task in this endless runner is to find her. Scour the streets of the city in search of Mrs. Banana. Maneuver left and right, slide under obstacles, collecting Mrs. Banana dolls. Features: - Funny banana theme. - Funny banana jokes with voice-over lines. - The difficulty increases as you progress. - The ability to pump the character. Help Mr. Banana find his missing wife in Banana Running! This is an endless runner where you explore a busy street full of obstacles and dangers. Collect the icons of Mrs. Banana and get bonuses for them. You can also collect coins and use them to level up. You only have three lives. Live them to the fullest!

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2019. g. 30. maijs