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Meet Ludo Hero, the modern incarnation of the royal game "Pachisi". Roll the dice and move your pieces to the center of the board. Beat your opponents in this multiplayer game and become the king of Ludo. Play with your friends as a couple or as a foursome. Features: - Ability to chat with friends in real time - Laziness? Use the auto-move function - Server-side cheat detector - Ability to play online against friends or offline against bots or computers - Desktop family social game Ludo Hero is a turn-based board game that can be played by up to four players. There is also a single player mode against the computer. Your goal is to move all the pieces from your "home" to the center of the board. When your turn comes, roll the die with your mouse or touch. After that, move your figure by as many cells as you have on the cube. The first player to move all their pieces to the center of the board wins.

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2019. g. 23. jūl.
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