Knife Dart

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Stop being bored! Time to throw! Aim and throw knives at the wooden target. Be careful! Aim only at empty spaces! Features: - Endless gameplay - You can literally train for hours. - A fun arcade-style theme. - Increasingly challenging levels. - The ability to collect coins and use them to buy cool knives in the store. Fans of darts and sports games will appreciate Knife Dart. Thanks to the rating table, the game is ideal for competitions. This is a game of reaction speed. To throw, tap the screen or click the mouse button. At first glance, the game may seem simple, but very soon you will meet with unexpected difficulties. Calculate the time of the throw so as not to touch other objects. If you hit another knife instead of the target, the game ends. The log moves unevenly and changes the speed and direction of movement. Or both at once.

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2019. g. 23. jūl.