Ant Smash

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Ants are everywhere! Stop them before your last stronghold falls under their pressure. How many points can you score? Features: - Dynamic gameplay. - Armies of ants, beetles, and other insects . - Random and organized movement of ants. Check if you know how to crush insects. - Avoid the vile ants at all costs. Protect your home from insect invasion in this classic tower defense game. Tap the cursor or tap the ant colony before they reach the bottom of the screen. At first, only a few ants will come out. But with each wave, there will be more of them. Some ants will be tougher than others. To complete the level, you need to overcome each wave. With each level, the game becomes more difficult, as the movement and location of the ant hordes become more complicated.

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2019. g. 23. jūl.
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