Ultimate Baseball

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Hit the ball from the bottom, top, or center. Find your favorite point and wait for the right moment. Hit the ball and get a home run! A simple arcade game for baseball fans. Features: - Simple controls with high, medium and low beats - Baseball stadium theme, perfect for brand advertising - The more home runs you score, the more difficult the game becomes! - The ability to integrate a rating table to compete with other players. A great game for fans of Tap Baseball and MLB. Play as your team's batter and hit the ball that your opponent throws. Depending on the position of the ball, you can hit it with a high, medium or low kick. Tap the screen or click in any of the three directions. Carefully calculate the time of the strike to avoid a strike. The more home runs you score, the more serious your opponent becomes. The game ends when you run out of rolls.

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2019. g. 5. aug.
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