Skeleton Defense

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A dangerous virus has brought the dead to life. You are the last hope of humanity. Your task in this horror shooter-armed with grenades, rockets and even Molotov cocktails, destroy all the skeletons. If you survive a wave of enemies, spend the money you earn to purchase more effective weapons. Features: - A terrifying theme with skeletons - 7 different weapons. To stop the invasion of skeletons, use your entire arsenal: rifles, grenades, rockets, Molotov cocktails and much more - 5 different types of skeletons - Endless gameplay Your goal is to protect the base from attacking skeletons. To shoot, tap the screen or click the mouse button. But the warlike undead are not so easy to destroy. It may take more than one shot to lay them down. Fortunately, after each level you earn coins. With them, you can purchase more effective weapons that will increase your chances of surviving the next attack.

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2019. g. 5. aug.
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