Sky Castle

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Become the master of the tallest castle in the world. Features: - Endless gameplay You can spend hours improving your skills. - The higher the castle, the more difficult it is to build - Easy operation: tap the screen to set the block - Various bonuses: reverse, repeat, insurance and double coins - Beautiful graphics and medieval theme Build the tallest medieval castle you can imagine! In this arcade game, players place moving parts of the castle on top of each other, aiming to build as tall a building as possible. If you install a block carelessly, part of it will be cut off, and the next block will be smaller. The round will end when you fail to set the next block. As you build, you can collect coins and buy various bonuses: reverse, repeat, insurance, and double coins. The game ends as soon as you miss a whole block. So act fast!

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2019. g. 30. aug.