Piano Tile Reflex

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Piano Tile Reflex game offers you to test your reflexes and enjoy great music! The goal is to press the black keys while avoiding the white ones. Features: - Interactive guide - 3 different modes: Patterns, Stamina, and Madness - Fun and positive theme - Upbeat music - Extremely challenging gameplay is not for the faint of heart. Use your mouse or finger to tap the black piano keys and stay away from the white ones! It's simple! And to make it more interesting, the game has three modes: Endurance: To keep the time running out, press the 40 black keys in 10 seconds. Patterns: Tap on the patterns formed by the black keys. Madness: Press as many black keys as possible in 30 seconds. But remember that as soon as you press the white key, the game will end. Be careful!

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2019. g. 30. aug.