Spiral Stairs

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Climb countless stairs in Spiral Stairs-an endless 3D runner with a cat as the main character! Play as a fluffy cat that climbs a spiral staircase and bypasses obstacles in its path. Features: - Extremely simple gameplay. Tap to make the cat start to climb. Release it to stop the cat. - Fun and positive atmosphere - Various themes that can be accessed as you gain points You are a three-dimensional cat, and your task is to climb the spiral staircase. To control the adorable cat, tap and hold the screen (on your mobile device) or the left mouse button (on your computer). On its way, the cat will have to overcome various obstacles, including spikes, rotating blocks and falling objects. Avoid them, as the game ends with the first collision. The higher you manage to climb, the higher your score will be. By scoring a certain number of points, you can also unlock other ladders.

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