Pepperoni Gone Wild

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Mama Mia! Your last pizza was extremely huge. Worse, it's rolling down the hill behind you! In this cute platformer, you have to run away from a giant pizza. Features: - Funny and relaxing theme with pizza on the background of Italian landscapes - Challenging gameplay. Everyone can make a couple of jumps, but how far can you actually run? - Additional attributes, including motorcycles, a fun car, lasagna, and much more. - By the way, you can also jump on the clouds! Get away from the huge pepperoni before it crushes you! Get behind the wheel of your car and drive at full speed. Jump over obstacles to avoid a collision. In the air, you can perform cool stunts and earn extra points for them. Collect coins and use them to unlock useful skills and new attributes. The game is endless, so you will have plenty of time to hone your tricks.

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2019. g. 9. sept.