Jetpack Rusher

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Put on a bullet - powered jetpack! Don a bullet - powered jetpack and dodge lasers, electric fields, and missiles hurtling straight at you! Speed up. Collect coins and buy new costumes for Clarry. Jetpack Joyride — the only game where the gamer can practice to overcome obstacles and be the best Complete the levels and destroy the enemies and obstacles on the enemy objects. - The game has 8 fun levels Single Player Game Use the engines to avoid obstacles and enemies. Destroy the enemies that want to attack you, and try to collect as many coins as possible to purchase more effective weapons. If you fail, start the game again and try again to complete the level and become the leader. Computer Management Use the mouse (right - click to activate the engines) Manage on a mobile device Tap the screen to activate the engines

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2019. g. 30. sept.