Sea of Words

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Word puzzle - connect letters to make words. More than 2000 levels and 20 steps for evolution. This entertaining word game develops the mind and vocabulary. Find all scrambled words!

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The goal of the game is to find the words conceived on the field and go through as many levels as possible to increase your rating. You need to make a word from the given letters by connecting them with a line. If the word is guessed correctly, it will fill in the blank cells. When the field is completely filled, the level is passed! If you find a word that is not hidden on the field, it will be added to the bonuses, for which additional coins will be credited! The game has hints that can be used on difficult levels for coins or viewing ads. And for those who are interested in learning the meaning of new words, a dictionary is available! Play and upgrade your mind every day! Good luck!

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Angļu, Krievu
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2019. g. 7. nov.
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