Lovely and Spooky Halloween Manicure

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Princess Eliza is getting ready for Halloween. She decided to turn into a charming witch. This Halloween should be special. Eliza wants to work out her image to the smallest detail. Let's help her in this. First, the princess needs to apply a festive makeup - use the traditional colors of Halloween-black, orange and red. Then, you need to prepare Eliza's hands for a manicure. Treat your nails with a nail file, get rid of defects and apply a cream for irritation. It's time to turn the princess ' nails into a work of art. Use nail polish-base, texture and decoration. Create your own unique composition. And finally, choose a suitable witch costume for Eliza. Just look at these gorgeous hats and belts. My friends will be thrilled.

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2019. g. 12. nov.
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