Knock Down Cans

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Knock down all the cans with balls with a limited number of balls. Get 3 stars for completing each level perfectly. Functions: - Challenging levels. Knock down different sets with different can options. - Beautiful carnival theme in 3D. - Simple and addictive gameplay. - Realistic physics Knock down all the cans by throwing the ball. To set the trajectory of the ball, tap and drag it on the screen to where you want to hit it. Lift your finger off the screen to throw the ball. Complete each level, knocking down all the targets. Be careful as you only have a limited number of balls in each level. Using all the balls before all the targets are knocked out will end the game. Plan your ball roll strategically to knock down as many cans as possible with one throw. Try to aim accurately at the lower banks, so that the banks on top also fall.

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2019. g. 20. nov.