Crazy Truck Parking

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Truck parking simulator game. It's easy to learn, but incredibly difficult to master. Park your truck in the perfect location with meticulous precision. Be careful not to collide with other trucks and obstacles. Functions: - Interactive tutorial - Beautiful parking spots - Three-star system for accuracy rewards -More than 50 + parking challenges - Control via keyboard for desktop PCs and touch panel for smartphones and tablets - Drive a variety of cool cars Parking a crazy truck is not as easy as driving a car. You have to be accurate to get the best rating. Your goal is to park the truck in a designated spot for each level. An accident and a collision with a car will result in the loss of stars. When you run out of stars, you lose the level. Estimate the distance between your truck and various obstacles to avoid a collision. Take your time, as there is no timer.

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2019. g. 21. nov.
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