Hogie the Globehopper Adventure Puzzle

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Hogie The Globehopper is a world-famous brand of children's animation on Netflix and cable television. Drag the blocks to create a path that Hoagy must cross. Collect 3 stars and a banana to complete the level. Solve puzzles while traveling to different cities around the world, including Bangkok, Barcelona, Cairo and Machu Pichu. Features: -Highly interactive tutorial with voice acting -Over 80 challenging levels to train your cognitive abilities -Fun and enjoyable theme for kids and parents alike - Discover new game mechanics to interact with, including ladders, trampolines, and fans. Solve the problems of the Globehopper by helping him. Travel to different countries, passing several levels. Use different shapes and tools to pave the way for Hoagy to get to the banana. The fewer forms and tools you use, the more stars you'll get. Don't forget to click "Lose for Hoagy," to start the journey. Click the "Cancel" button if you want to start the level again.

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