Santa City Run

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Help Santa to pass through the streets of the city, avoiding obstacles on the way. Jump over cars, avoid traffic rules and avoid traffic jams. Features: - Christmas theme suitable for the whole family - Interactive tutorial - 3D-like environment - Intuitive controls. Use the keyboard to control your PC. Use touch control for smartphones and tablets - Collect elves to get a temporary bubble shield - Cool shop where you can buy upgrades for Santa. Upgrades include a hoverboard, segway, skateboard, and rocket booster to boost the Christmas mood! Help Santa deliver gifts by controlling his movement on a busy street. Slide on road signs, jump over cars and avoid other obstacles on the way. Move Santa by swiping the screen in any direction or using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Collect gifts along the way to earn invulnerability in a short time.

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2019. g. 21. nov.