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Show everyone how you can draw, this will help you with a coloring book with Boy and his friends. Game Features: - Lots of Battle themed templates to start the game with - Selection of brushes in different sizes and colors "Did something go wrong?" Erase what you drew with the eraser - Save your drawings and print them out. Such drawings are well suited for classrooms - Color interesting characters from the Battle universe, including Bealby, Mimi, Pops, Denzil, Mr. Cloppity, Mia Twitch, Julie Twitch, and others. - Positive design and drawing will improve your mood Boy and his friends are back to have fun and learn a hundred times better than before. Create your own drawing or color the already available templates. Don't miss the chance to paint your favorite characters! To select a brush or color, just click on the icon with them. Use the eraser to correct mistakes. Once the drawing is ready, you can save it, print it out and show it to everyone.

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